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Since early 2002, FRIGO CONSULT TEHNIC AB is active on the market as an independent consultancy company in the field of refrigeration plants technology. In all this time since its inception, the company acquired great knowledge & experience regarding the aspects which play an important role in the refrigeration technique. This experience allows us offer advice related to all sectors in the field, for all the techniques and related services, starting from design concepts to solving problems.

FRIGO CONSULT TEHNIC AB is focused on the industrial refrigeration sector as well as for individual consumers.

Main aspects aimed at are identification of faults, checking and optimization of existent and newly built systems, design and development of processes and advanced equipment for the refrigeration segment.

Solutions already implemented address the well-known problems of refrigeration systems with a new approach – a simple and efficient operation – resulting in service & operation cost savings.

The Team of Frigo Consult Tehnic AB has key competences regarding:

  1. CO2 cascade systems – with or without hot gas defrosts;
  2. Transcritical CO2 systems;
  3. Water and air control in refrigeration systems;
  4. Return the oil with synthesized purification;
  5. Oil Analysis – diagnostic system;
  6. Thermodynamic calculation and design of systems, heat exchangers, vessels etc.
  7. Technical computing of refrigeration plants by means of a software;
  8. Design of equipment.


Here, you can also find additional data related to:

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  • commercial refrigeration equipment,
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  • interior air-conditioning,
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  • innovation, studies and progress,
  • thermography,
  • breakdown analysis,


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