Audit for energy consumption


Frigo Consult Tehnic AB regularly conducts an audit for energy consumption. Its purpose is to help you save energy, prevent loss and optimize the use of wasted thermal products (heat recovery).

During an audit for energy consumption, it is analyzed and taken into account the power current. An energetic balance will be set and, depending on this and the data related to logistics and construction, possible ways to save energy will be shown, also considering the cost-profit analysis. Together with the control of energy consumption, the water control can be also conducted.

Historically speaking, the company activates as a specialist in efficiency increase of refrigeration plants. The concepts of the plants already in use are analyzed in order to enhance them. Depending on the results and on the ideas of the customers, a plan of optimization will be initiated so that the improvements to be real and functional and be effected in most common moments.

Due to prolonged running time of the refrigeration plant, it is good to check if you can improve your plant to save energy. Depending on the plant operation mode, on the replacement of components, or on the increase of its functionality, you can save energy!

You can implement improvements or changes depending on the changes of regulations and legislation, such as the law on the Services for Environmental Management.

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