Indoor air-conditioning


A comfortable climate indoor is essential so as to increase the performance of the activity undertaken and to improve productivity, and products quality. A plant without draught, which assures sufficient fresh air, a pleasant temperature and adequate air humidity, means it is one meeting very important aspects.

Optimal designing of the climate wished inside differs from building to building and depends on the room structure. Office buildings will have an optimum climate inside which is different from the one of an enterprise or of the sports rooms. Systems design should be based on the structure of each room.

Depending on the structure, the project can be accomplished. A system for air management and distribution which is correctly dimensioned is essential for the final result. For heat recovery which involves low running costs, there should be considered systems for heating at low temperatures, heat pumps and climatic conditions (temperature, wind, sun, surface water, underground water).

The company is often involved in the design and implementation of industrial refrigeration plants combined with indoor air-conditioning systems. Especially the use of heat wasted by a refrigeration plant represents a challenge to create a combination between refrigeration equipment and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations (HVAC – „Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning”).

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