Industrial refrigeration equipment


Frigo Consult Tehnic AB collaborates with representatives of many supermarkets in the field of refrigeration equipment. Energy used by such a plant can represent up to 60% of the total energy consumption in a supermarket. That is why, to build a supermarket without impacting the environment, it is very important to begin with the design of a cooling and freezing plant which should be energetically economic.

Supermarkets are ideal for the use of heat wasted by a refrigeration plant. Frigo Consult Tehnic AB initiated a few concepts that eliminate the need to assembly additional heating installations in the supermarkets. Being completely optimized, a supermarket can operate as a heat provider for the buildings located nearby. Some of these concepts have already been adopted and implemented.

Considering that the refrigeration technique plays a very important role for energy consumption in the supermarkets, it is essential to make the suitable choices in case of renewal, restyling or construction of a new supermarket. Our company can offer consultancy based on tenders and/or describing the operating conditions. Description of operating conditions is specific for a new supermarket or for a renewed one, but can also have a long-lasting character.

For long running, the description of the operating conditions depends on the commercial formula of the supermarket. Our company designs and implements a great number of industrial refrigeration plants.

Most of our clients consider that the refrigeration plant is the heart of their business. This means that, in case of a failure, the basic business is at risk. The most important thing is the correct design of the plant.

The design of a refrigeration plant represents the process which leads to a special project. Each project is unique, no matter if it is a new plant, the change or the improvement of an existent one. Important factors to be considered in setting-up the project are: desired logistics process, desired energy consumption, ecological character, legislation and, not the last, financial consequences.

The change of a plant for cold stores and freeze stores will have a special impact over the building itself. Harmonization of all the components and spaces allocated to a extended network of pipes must be done in the initial stage of the project so that the barriers to be identified and remediated before rising problems in the assembly process. It is very important for the plant to be presented to the designing team in the initial stage so that, for example, the heat (wasted) from the refrigeration plant fie could be as much as possible used. The refrigeration plant often supplies enough heating capacity to heat the offices or the nearby buildings.

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