Frigo Consult Tehnic AB makes designs for projects of refrigeration plants or for different composing parts, according to customers’ needs and requests.

The company also offers advice and consultancy to design engineers related on aspects like selection of valves type and their calibration, selection and means to select the best applicable refrigeration plants, pipes and valve installations, equipment for unfreezing, oil return systems, the choice for adequate oil type, etc.

The company has specialized knowledge in certain application fields like:

  • The automatic oil return system for plants with ammonia, Freon and CO2, for oil cleaning of water and impurities;
  • System for cleaning ammonia contaminated with water or impurities;
  • Special and efficient return systems for the synthetic refrigerant used both for DX systems, and for flooded systems;
  • Water extraction from ammonia systems;
  • Plate freeze systems with increased efficiency in terms of freezing-unfreezing;
  • Extremely efficient unfreezing systems able to assure energy savings, for large size vaporizers;
  • Measuring pipe height for oil and/or liquid discharge in case of vertical pipes;

AutoCAD drawings and graphs for the pipes networks are reflected in the systems designed by our company or by our customers.



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