Analysis of oil sample


Analyses of oil samples are very similar to the ones of blood, because you can tell many things about the system the sample was drawn from, if you know how to read and interpret the sample results.

The oil suppliers and the laboratories in which the analyses of samples are conducted know how the procedure; yet, they do not know how those results could influence the operation of the refrigeration plant and what problems could arise. The oil analysis must be conducted in a lab according to standards related to contamination limits for refrigeration systems, because these differ from the ones the motor oil or gear oil has. There are labs specialized in conducting analyses of oil samples for refrigeration systems and these can offer results conformal to standards related to contamination limits these systems have. Analyses should be conducted only in such laboratories.

Problems occurring in refrigeration plants and air conditioning systems and that can be detected by an oil analysis are: water contamination, the high acid content (except the NH3 systems), contamination with engine oil, with hydraulic or gear oil, contamination with refrigerants, failures of the compressor bearings, etc.

Here there are some of the indicators that problems occurred, in case of refrigeration plants and air-conditioning systems: leaks at seals and fittings, valves blocked, substantial sediments deposits, short lifetime of the compressor bearings.

To draw the necessary conclusions, the different refrigerants, various types of compressors and plant design suggest that the oil sample analysis results should be examined and interpreted according to present configuration of the system and of its components.

Our company offers technical consultancy based on the oil samples results. According to these, there can be discovered the real „hidden” causes of system problems and solutions can be then recommended. This can help us solve the real problem of the system.


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