The optimization of refrigeration plants can be achieved by various means. The energy consumption can be reduced and plant operation mode can be adapted depending on the desired goal, so that to obtain high quality frozen products, and for the technicians not to be forced conduct daily maintenance services like oil replacement.

Frigo Consult Tehnic AB has the technical specialty knowledge regarding the optimization of refrigeration plants so that these would need less maintenance and their performance would increase not just in theory, but in real terms. Thus, improvements can be made regarding:

  • Plate freezing plants – to decrease the freezing time, assure an efficient unfreezing and increase products quality;
  • Adjust the systems of valves – to obtain an increased efficiency and the right temperatures;
  • Unfreezing systems with hot gas – no need to increase condensing pressure, thus resulting in energy savings and a lower capacity needed, achieving an optimum unfreezing process;
  • Oil return systems – both for plants flooded with synthetic refrigerant, and for the ones with ammonia that cannot supply the compressor with liquid – means a substantial reduction of aftercare services;
  • Special systems with return for direct expansion systems which can return oil constantly, both at reduced capacity, and at increased capacity, without giving birth to failures or pressure losses on the narrow pipes.
  • The large sized liquid cooling units – increasing the performance coefficient and compressor lifetime;
  • Strategies for adjustment and selection of large-sized refrigeration plant control systems – to increase the performance of the full system and to reduce the energy consumption.


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