Specific education and training

Frigo Consult Tehnic AB can offer specific education and training to all the producers, contractors, designers, supervisors, administrators and users.

Moreover, Frigo Consult Tehnic AB assures training courses in fields in which the company has the specialty knowledge, such as:

  • Oil samples and their analysis;
  • Cracks caused by liquid/fluid in vaporizers, pipes and valves: why do there occur and how can we prevent it?
  • Industrial refrigeration plants with CO2;
  • Pollution of water in the refrigeration systems – consequences and measures to be taken (NH3, CO2 and synthetic refrigerants)
  • Problems related to system contamination: what can happen, what was noticed, what is to be done to avoid this and what can be done in case we face this problem?
  • Optimization of freezing plants, increase of products quality, enhancement of freezing-unfreezing process efficiency, increase the performance coefficient and the obtaining of substantial savings.
  • Valve stations, efficient and reliable, improved for the obtaining of an efficient freezing process and of energy savings. System optimization for energy saving.
  • Reduction of oil consumption in compressors: how can we achieve this in case of already existent plants?
  • How can we design a plant with NH3 that should merely never need aftercare that should have both an automatic oil return system, and some oil cleaning systems in case of moisture?


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