Water Contamination

Frigo Consult Tehnic AB has the specialty knowledge regarding the contamination of water in the refrigeration plants and it can offer consultancy, training and assistance in maintenance services related to following aspects:

  • How can we determine that there are some problems related to the contamination of water in case of any refrigeration plant? How can we solve these problems?
  • Recommendations regarding the „moisture indicators” in the systems flooded with a synthetic refrigerant and regarding the occurrence of ice in vaporizers and valves.
  • Recommendations regarding the possible small changes for the great majority of systems flooded with synthetic refrigerants in order to detect and solve the moisture caused problems. Which are the consequences over the compressors?
  • Why are the scroll compressors more prone to problems related to water contamination as compared to piston compressors?
  • What happens with the chemical environment in the plant, with the deposits of sediments, with degradation of oil composition and with the change of thermodynamic properties, etc.
  • Why do leaks occur in plants having the water contaminated? Do the rubber objects become fragile? Does the corrosion phenomenon take place? etc.
  • If there is water in the plant, normally there is air too, which means that oxygen, carbon dioxide etc. play an active and harmful role over the chemical environment.


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