Analiza avariei pentru sistemele și echipamentele frigorifice

The company FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB regularly evaluates and investigates losses and defects. These are

  • Production losses;
  • Mechanical faults.

Especially in the early stages, when there is still no concrete project, it offers added value if it is possible to discuss with investors or partners about the feasibility, relying on the professional project and the reliable estimate of the total investment. It is a good base to get in touch with shareholders or banks.

Production losses;

Usually, FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB is requested to detect the causes of malfunctions. Often, the defects are obvious, namely temperature, mold, defective casings, premature degradation. Due to the long experience with fruits and vegetables stored in temperature controlled spaces, the company can determine the cause of a defect in a short time.

Mechanical faults.

Sometimes an installation can fail much sooner than you expect. It is not always good to replace part by part (such as compressors) or reset the installation. To avoid such situations or the occurrence of even more serious malfunctions, it is good to discover the cause of that problem. Potential problems are mechanical failures, faulty design or control systems, or operational errors.

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Analiza avariei pentru sistemele și echipamentele frigorifice

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