Analysis of water contamination from refrigeration installations

Water contamination

As a result of the continuous increase in air-conditioned spaces, existing or newly built, and therefore also the large number of air-conditioning equipment operated in general with the help of electricity, it is necessary to develop a new, more advantageous system, which will centrally supply cold to the majority homes, businesses and public institutions.

The chilled water networks currently used by many countries both in Europe and in America and Asia can precisely allow us to replace local air conditioning systems, which in many cases cause a high consumption of electricity and have a considerable impact on the environment, because in the operation of some refrigerants are used that have a harmful effect on the environment, especially on the ozone layer.

Analiza contaminarii apei din instalatiile frigorifice
Campania FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB has specialist knowledge regarding the contamination of water from refrigeration installations and offers consultancy, training and assistance in maintenance services regarding the following aspects:
  • How can we determine the existence of problems related to water contamination in the case of any refrigeration installation? How can we solve these problems?
  • Recommendations regarding "wet indicators" in systems flooded with synthetic refrigerant and the possibility of ice formation in evaporators and valves.
  • Recommendations regarding the possibility of making small changes to most systems flooded with synthetic refrigerant in order to detect and solve problems caused by moisture. What are the consequences for the compressors?
  • Why are screw compressors more prone to water contamination problems than reciprocating compressors?
  • What happens to the chemical environment in the installation, to sediment deposits, to the degradation of the oil composition and the change in thermodynamic properties, etc.
  • Why do leaks occur at installations with contaminated water? Do rubber objects become brittle, corrosion occurs, etc.?
  • If there is water in the installation, normally there is also air, which means that oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. exerts an active and harmful role on the chemical environment.

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Analysis of water contamination from refrigeration installations

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