Consulting ecological solutions - industrial refrigeration equipment with CO2

Design services for environmentally friendly CO2 industrial refrigeration systems

Carbon dioxide has been used as a refrigerant for a very long time, but currently it is considered to be the most efficient ecological agent for industrial refrigeration installations.

Frigo Consult Tehnic AB can offer specialized technical consultancy related to various aspects in the field of industrial refrigeration equipment using CO2, namely
  • How can we manage make the system safety in terms of high pressure?
  • Where and how we store the carbon dioxide at times when the system is out of operation?
  • How can we mount the valves at vaporizers and what type of valves should we use?
  • How can we conduct the unfreezing process?
  • Which equipment works with CO2 and which is not?
  • Compressors with CO2?
  • What is the type of oil we should use?
  • Should it be a type of oil able to dissolve in CO2 or not?
  • Why is the control of CO2 system so difficult and what should we take into consideration?
Consultanta solutii ecologice echipamente frigorifice industriale cu CO2

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Consulting ecological solutions - industrial refrigeration equipment with CO2

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