We offer you perfect solutions in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning design.


About us

The name "FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB" reflects the company's desire to become a reliable professional for suppliers, equipment manufacturers, installers and end users.

The FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB team pursues continuous development and success in the field of refrigeration installations and air conditioning systems. For FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB, a harmonious collaborative relationship with you and with qualified local experts/engineers is the basis of success.

Our belief is that we have the necessary skills to support and offer you support in this process.


Our goal is to provide high-performance solutions, not just simple products. We offer consultancy and design for the realization of any type of refrigeration installation, but the customer decides each time on the next step.

Design and engineering

Regarding design and engineering, we offer you the following modules:

  • Pre-design Study/ Consultancy
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Solutions
  • Offers
  • Construction management
Experts report
  • Fruits and vegetables

Ever since the establishment of FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB, a large part of its activities has been carried out in the sectors with perishable products (potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables). The specialists of FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB have specialized technical knowledge regarding the storage of these products.

  • Refrigeration process

Acquiring specialized knowledge has been a priority for the specialists of FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB, ever since the company was founded. The field of refrigeration is a very dynamic and constantly evolving one, that's why specialist knowledge has been constantly updated, in this way the FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB company managed to secure its leading position on the market in the field of designs.

Innovations, studies and progress

Innovative techniques have always been an object of interest for FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB. Research and innovation activities are carried out together with and for clients or government institutions. Research projects aim to improve existing equipment, increase their efficiency, reduce energy losses and implement new techniques. In most situations of innovation, research and progress, simulation programs are available.

The company FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB will collaborate with you in the field of innovations and creative processes within your company. Funds and grants are often given to carry out innovations, research and improvements. For additional information do not hesitate to contact us.

Vă oferim servicii de asistență, proiectare și optimizare a instalațiilor frigorifice și sistemelor de climatizare

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