Design of indoor ventilation/air conditioning installations

A comfortable indoor climate is essential to increase the performance of the activity carried out and to increase productivity and product quality. A draft-free installation that ensures a sufficient amount of fresh air, a pleasant temperature and adequate air humidity are particularly important aspects.

The optimal design of the desired indoor climate differs from building to building and depends on the structure of the room. Office buildings will have a different optimal indoor climate than businesses or gyms. The design of the systems should be based on the structure of each room.

Depending on the structure, the project can be realized. A properly dimensioned air handling and distribution system is essential for the final result. For heat recuperators involving low running costs, low temperature heating systems, heat pumps and meteorological conditions (temperature, wind, sun, surface water, ground water) should be taken into account.

Often, the company is involved in the realization and design of industrial refrigeration installations in combination with indoor air conditioning systems. In particular, the use of waste heat from a refrigeration installation is a challenge to create a combination between refrigeration equipment and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

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We design ventilation/air conditioning installations
  • Prefeasibility or feasibility studies (SF)
  • Technical documentation for construction authorization (DTAC)
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  • Technical consulting services
  • We carry out technical expertise for the three specialties: HVAC, sanitary, automation installations
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Commercial spaces, retail stores.

If systems are used with the help of which the internal air temperature can be controlled, we are talking about air conditioning installations. They may or may not be combined with ventilation systems, respectively they may work only with indoor air recirculation, or they may ensure a certain ratio between the recirculated air and the fresh air from outside, or they may work with full fresh air.

HVAC installations are responsible for temperature control, reoxygenation of air, elimination of humidity, odors, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. The ventilation process includes both the exchange of air outside, as well as the circulation of air inside the building. The technology of HVAC installations is based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer.

Thermal comfort, air quality and its circulation in a building not only ensure a high standard of living, but also a permanent sanitation and maintenance of its components that can otherwise be damaged. Air circulation in a building avoids the formation of condensation, avoids damage to walls and masonry, avoids unpleasant odors that can permeate the walls, removes volatile toxic substances that form in certain areas.

The solutions are varied and adapt to each individual situation, taking into account the specifics of the work, the requirements of the beneficiary and, last but not least, the willingness to invest in a comfort assurance system.

Industrial Air conditioning

In the case of industrial halls, the usual ventilation systems ensure local ventilation, general ventilation or a combination of these. Local ventilation involves evacuating the air near the sources of harmfulness with a local system (suction hoods, suction benches, capture niches, e.g.), and general ventilation involves ensuring a number of hourly shifts inside, for which fans are used input/extraction. In all cases, the chosen ventilation systems will take into account the provision of a correct ratio between the flow of air introduced and that discharged from the premises.

In new constructions, we optimize the equipment and ventilation installations with the help of the latest simulation tools developed internally from the planning phase. In the case of existing systems, we advise the operators of buildings and installations in relation to the statutory regulations in force and develop individual solutions for each individual case.

Commercial Ventilation and air conditioning systems

An important aspect in the air conditioning of commercial spaces is the provision of a correct proportion of fresh air. Its treatment can be done independently of the indoor air conditioning system, with air treatment plants, or integrated into it. The evacuation of the surplus air is usually done from the annex spaces - sanitary groups, offices - thus ensuring their efficient ventilation.

New or modernized commercial spaces are usually equipped with air conditioning installations. The adopted solutions are largely similar to the solutions for the air conditioning of industrial spaces, in addition there are situations where one of the important criteria for establishing the solution is the aesthetic aspect.

An increasingly important aspect recently - the reduction of operating costs - determines the openness of investors to the adoption of economic solutions. This category includes treatment plants equipped with heat recuperators.

A common air conditioning solution for commercial spaces, rarely or not at all found in industrial premises, is air conditioning with fan coil units. They are found in a wide range of models, working only with recirculated air or with fresh air supply, with 1 or 2 batteries, in cased execution (vertical parapet or horizontal ceiling) or uncased for installation in the false ceiling. The fan convectors can work with hot water thermal agent (90/70 °C or with low parameters from a 40/30 °C condensing boiler) and cold water 7/12 °C from a chiller or heat pump.

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Design of indoor ventilation/air conditioning installations

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