Design and construction of vegetable and flower warehouses

The project concept or the initial project represents a quick activity in order to carry out the entire process of designing, engineering and building the logistics infrastructure because it will provide the entrepreneur/investor with sufficient information regarding the possible gain or the total investment in the project.

Especially in the early stages, when there is still no concrete project, it offers added value if it is possible to discuss with investors or partners about the feasibility, relying on the professional project and the reliable estimate of the total investment.

It is a good base to get in touch with shareholders or banks. What you need from AB TEHNIC depends very much on what has been done or what can be done by you and the sector in which you need the help of a specialist.

The project concept or initial project

The services related to the initial project offered to our clients (see the previously presented information) are grouped into 4 different categories:

For example, separate areas are needed for slaughtering, handling, cleaning and sanitizing meat. Thus, AB Frigoconstruct takes into account all stages and everything that means hygiene, quality, certification, effectiveness when designing and building each slaughterhouse.

  • description of the proposed concept
  • making sketches
  • the design of the refrigeration installation
  • estimated cost
Depozite de legume si flori
Do you need a cold store for vegetables, fruits or flowers?

Does your business require the construction of a cold storage of the best quality? Do the products sold by you have to be kept in cold stores at a constant and controlled temperature? Leave it to us

We have a great experience in the construction of warehouses and cold rooms for over 25 years. Together with you, we will establish the type of cold storage necessary for your business, depending on its type and the desired temperature. The works performed by us comply with the highest European standards.

We design and build cold rooms for storing vegetables

The cold rooms are designed according to the customer's needs, in existing spaces or new constructions can be designed and executed.

The design of the cold rooms is done taking into account the products to be stored, the quantity and the required temperature.

The refrigeration installation must be made in accordance with the volume and storage conditions of the vegetables or fruits.

Our engineers will take into account all the necessary components (necessary investment, operating expenses, optimal technical parameters and investment recovery time), relying on our experience in the refrigeration field, the support of partners from abroad, national and European standards.

Necessary construction of cold storages
  • the dimensions of the warehouse;
  • the number of cooled spaces and how they are adjacent to other spaces;
  • nominal temperature in each cooled space;
  • the geographical area where the deposit is placed, its orientation towards the cardinal points and the climatic data for the respective area;
  • the way in which the products are placed inside the warehouse and the degree of loading;
  • the types of stored products and their characteristics;
  • placement of access doors for loading activities;
  • product packaging and their characteristics;
  • the type of lighting;
  • the average number of people working in the warehouse and the number of shifts;
  • unloading products, their sizes and average opening times;
  • the presence of other heat sources inside and the heat generated by them;
  • particularities related to handling: the frequency with which the products are inserted and removed.

We are offering:

Design and construction of vegetable and flower warehouses

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