Proiectare si constructie abatoare


We specialize in the design, technology and construction of slaughterhouses. We offer cost-effective quality services and optimized design solutions

Depozite de legume si flori

Stores for vegetables, fruits, flowers

We offer design, engineering and construction services for logistics infrastructure for cold storage of vegetables and flowers.

Proiectare si constructie depozite frigorifice

Cold stores & Freeze stores

We offer design, engineering services for warehouses for storing frozen and refrigerated products, optimized according to your requirements

Proiectare instalatii de climatizare interioară

Indoor air-conditioning

We offer air conditioning system design services that increase the performance of the activity carried out and increase the productivity and quality of the products

Proiectare si constructie echipamente frigorifice industriale

Industrial refrigeration equipment

We offer design and construction services for industrial refrigeration installations considering the desired energy consumption, ecological character, legislation and financial consequences

Proiectare si montaj echipamente frigorifice comerciale

Commercial refrigeration equipment

We design and install commercial refrigeration equipment for supermarkets considering the optimization of energy consumption, legislation and operating costs

Analiza avariei pentru sistemele si echipamentele frigorifice

Analysis of breakdown

Compania FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB valuează şi investighează, în mod regulat, pierderile şi defecţiunile sistemelor si instalatiilor frigorifice.

Consultanta instalatii frigorifice industriale si comerciale - Analiza cererilor de ofertă

Analysis of inquiries

Choosing the right refrigeration system is essential. The guaranteed operating life of a refrigeration installation can be between twenty-five and thirty years. Consequently, the annual cost of use is much more important than the initial investment cost.

Audit energetic - eficienta energetica a instalatiilor frigorifice

Audit for energy consumption

The company FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB regularly performs an audit for energy consumption. Its purpose is to help you save energy, prevent its wastage and optimize the use of unused thermal products (heat recovery).

Proiectare si constructie fabrici de bere, lapte si băuturi răcoritoare

Design and construction of beer, milk and soft drink factories

We, the Frigo Consult Tehnic AB team represent one of the renowned providers specialized in design, technology and implementation of turn-key projects for companies producing dairy, beer, beverages and of refrigeration plants for the same.

Proiectare si montaj instalaţie de copt banane (legume-fructe)

Ripening units (bananas, vegetables-fruits)

The ripening cells meet the highest standards of ripening technology, allow easy handling of the goods and are easy to manage.

Termografie industriala - scanare cu infrarosu


Compania FRIGO Consult Tehnic AB efectuează următoarele inspecţii termografice: Inspecţia de bază. În urma inspecţiei de bază se pot detecta erori la limita termică precum izolaţia defectuoasă, pierderile de aer, etc. Inspecţia instalaţiei. Inspecţia instalaţiei poate evidenţia anumite probleme precum scurgeri şi izolaţie defectuoasă.


We offer maintenance, analysis and inspection services for industrial and commercial refrigeration installations
Oil sample analysis

Technical consultancy based on the results of oil samples from refrigeration installations

CO2 analysis

Technical consultancy regarding the various aspects in the field of industrial refrigeration equipment with CO2

Water contamination

Specialized knowledge regarding the contamination of water from refrigeration installations. Consulting, training and assistance in maintenance services

Fault detection

Expertise in fault detection. Specialized information on compressors, valves, oils, etc.


We offer training and professional training courses to all producers, entrepreneurs, designers, and users

Optimization of installations

Optimization of refrigeration installations by reducing energy consumption and adapting the operation mode of the installation according to the desired purpose

Vă oferim servicii de asistență, proiectare și optimizare a instalațiilor frigorifice și sistemelor de climatizare

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