Industrial thermography - infrared scanning

Infrared scanning of warehouses, buildings, cold rooms

In case of thermography with infrared, it is used a device with a heat sensor so that concrete aspects to be visual. By using this device for heat, it is possible to observe different colors depending on temperatures. This way, objects temperature can be detected, as their color can vary from yellow/white (warm) to blue/black (cold). There can be noticed that thermographic images are indicated just by the surfaces that irradiate heat; measuring air temperature is not possible.

A thermographic image represents the easiest and fastest method to detect energy wasted in buildings, moisture and problems related to electric wiring.

rigo Consult Tehnic AB conducts the following thermographic inspections:
  • Basic inspectionit can help detect errors of thermal limit, such as imperfect isolation, air loss, and cold areas.
  • Plant inspectionit can help highlight certain problems, such as leaks and imperfect isolation/faulty sealing.
  • Besides the standard model and inspections, we can offer a complex system for the use of thermographic images in order to detect certain problems If needed, it is used together with other measuring methods, such as smoke sticks, anemometers, surface temperature measurement, etc.
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Raport de inspectie termografica

Raportul de inspecție termografică reprezintă primul și cel mai important pas în procesul de detectare a problemelor de ordin termic ale instalațiilor și echipamentelor.

Inspectarea termografică a echipamentelor/instalațiilor – ca parte importantă a activităților de mentenanță – trebuie făcută regulat și după rute concepute corespunzător (ca acoperire și ca focalizare pe zone cunoscute de risc). Periodicitatea și screnariul de verificare prin inspectare depind de mulți factori, inclusiv de condițiile de mediu, de contextul de lucru, de standardele implementate, de cerințele de siguranță, etc.

Beneficii inspectie termografica:
  • Economii la cheltuielile de Mentenanta.
  • Timp mediu mai mare intre defectiuni (MTBF).
  • Opriri minime neprogramate.
  • Cresterea fiabilitatii echipamentului.
  • Cresterea duratei de viata a fiecarei componente monitorizate.

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Industrial thermography - infrared scanning

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